I have not written in a while.  I have been in my shell assessing the situation, trying to figure out what my next steps are.  I am a vegan activist.  Trying to get my book out there, “Dear World, See What I See,” has been an interesting road.  I wrote the book for the world.  I wrote it for people to open their eyes and see… and I hoped they would care. Some people have cared and I have been thrilled. Meeting people who make excuses as to why they don’t have to care has been challenging for me.   I read “Living Among Meat Eaters” to help me figure things out.  It has helped me to see why there are such blockages among people.  With the arrival of spring, and after reading The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks, I feel a new sense of possibilities that I can go out in the world again and continue to make a difference.  


We have so many pet peeves…  people who leave the cap off the toothpaste, much less squeezing it from the middle, people who drive too close to us, people who leave the shopping cart in the middle of the aisle, people clicking their gum…. yes, there are many pet peeves.

I have a pet peeve.  One that literally drives me crazy!  I find myself often sitting at a meeting and the person next to me clicks the top of their pen.  click, click, click, click, click…. So many times that I can not hear what the speaker is saying!  All I hear is click, click, click, click, click.  Now I know the person who is doing it is probably a sweet person, a kind person, a caring person… and so I wonder why they don’t hear what they are doing.  They would not take a pen and click it on the desk… that would be rude.  But clicking a pen is something that is done so unconsciously that they don’t even hear it.  Sometimes I get driven so crazy – that if I know the person, I touch their hand with a wild look in my eyes… they get the message.  I am sure I probably land up being their pet peeve!

“But clicking a pen is something that is done so unconsciously that they don’t even hear it. ”  I wonder how many things we do unconsciously that have such an affect on people.  Hmmm… Things to ponder.


I just read an article that said people care mostly, more than 90%, about themselves.  They care about their relationships… but only in how it affects them.  So I wondered, “Why is it so important to care about something besides one’s self?  And I thought… perhaps because there are a lot of people and animals out there suffering who can not fend for themselves.  Someone has to think of them.  People/animals are suffering and they can not do anything to help themselves with their pain.  Empathy is about feeling their pain and that is the first step, but then there needs to be compassionate action to do something to help their suffering.  It is not enough to just feel.   Thinking of others can be the impetus to make you do something  – to care about something other than yourself.    Think of something for just a bit, and then plan on how to be of service, how to care for that other person or animal.  We would have a different world if we changed that 90% of caring from only about ourselves to including others.

Sometimes because our personal history has told us things are the way they are… we don’t think that things can be different.  But when we think they can, when we stop assuming they are going to be the same as they always have been, and look at them in a different way… they become different.   And we realize we have control over our environment just by our thoughts.  Pretty awesome! 

Did you ever hear of anyone saying, “I’m going to Flagstaff, Arizona for vacation?”  Me neither.  Yet this place is hopping with tourists.  People generally say they are going to see the Grand Canyon… and Flagstaff just is the closest town… with lots of history. The center of town has a big building dedicated to a tourist center.  There are tours of downtown historic Flagstaff offered.  Lowell Observatory, the observatory where Pluto was discovered, offers night views of the sky.   Lots of things to do here in Flagstaff.  I like it here.  It is a friendly place.  I am not here to see the Grand Canyon, although I will go and see it.  I am not here to see the Lowell Observatory, although I will see that also.  I am here to see my son… and that is the best thing in Flagstaff for me. 

I immediately thought, “How silly of me to even think to complain about needing a certain glass that was dirty in the dishwasher because it had not been put on the night before.”  Really?  I was going to complain about having to wash a glass.  And the glass was needed to make a chia seed pudding.  $16.99 for chia seeds… and I was going to complain!

Yes, first world problems for sure!  Such spoiled ways.

There are people in this world with nothing.  And I have all of this!  And then I complain.  Shame on me!

Yes, I love to eat.  You would not think so, being only 97 pounds, but it is true.  I love to eat.  I had the most amazing lunch today – a hummus sandwich with a cup of hot chocolate afterwards made with hemp milk and raw cocoa powder.  

I had chickpeas in the fridge that my daughter cooked yesterday.  I went on Vegweb.com and found “The World’s Best Hummus.”   It was really good hummus!  I then toasted a piece of spelt bread, spread the hummus thickly on the bread, and then topped it with an organic roasted red pepper from a jar.  It was stupendous!  Simple, nutritious, and I have leftovers for tomorrow! 

I think I love to eat because my food is so good!